Andersen Copenhagen Choppers


The Standard bike

Handbuild in Denmark out of 16x1,50 mm Swedish seemless steeltubes.


Total length: 205cm
Weight: aprox. 15kg
Front wheel: 26 x 1,75"
Rear wheel: 17 x 2,75"

The standard bike is delivered with standard powder coating colors.
F or special colors, metallic, layers of laque or chrome ask for an offer.

Delivery time: 4-6 weeks.

DKK 8.700,00
Euro 1.160,00

Example of a Custom Chopper Bike
The Pedersen Bicycle


Frame: Swedish seemless steel tubes 13 x 1,0 mm
Coating: zink primer and black powder coating

Standard bike: one gear, coaster brake and frontwheel brake.

DKK 6.000,00
Euro 800,00
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